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art created from the heart

crafted with whimsy and love

What do you see when you look at a rock, a shell, or a pile of old newspapers? Peggy Ogden sees an opportunity to creatively expose the beauty within, where the ordinary becomes extraordinary.

Exposing the unseen potential and whimsical energy, Peggy turns rocks into sea turtles, shells into praying hands, and newspapers into curious pelicans. Whether the scale is as large as an elephant, or as small as a ladybug, drawn on paper or sculpted by hand, all of her subjects share a common trait – they all have a heart. Each one is born through creation.

As you peruse this body of work, you’ll begin to see that the world is full of whimsy and heart…you just need to look for it!

Arty the bird, holding a paintbrush and painting palette.
Peggy kissing her dog Cali on the forehead.

how we give back

bringing joy to others lives

Peggy’s art has always been about creating joy, not profit. She has gifted many of her sculptures to friends, families, and events. To honor her commitment to helping, Peggy donates all profits from each sale to Purple Leash, an organization which provides safe spaces for domestic abuse survivors and their pets. 

Nearly half of domestic abuse survivors delay leaving their situation because they can’t take their pets with them. This connection between pet and owner is a powerful influence on Peggy’s life and gives purpose to her generosity. 

Two rock bunnies.


Featured work

Peggy’s variety of work: sculpture, drawing, painting, and more, expresses her deep love of creating. You’re invited to see some of the highlighted work below, including Petey the Pelican (a realistic pelican sculpture holding a shell), drawings from her Women of Whimsy collection, and much more!

Women of whimsy drawing on a wooden clip
Paolo and Enza watercolor painting on a polaroid, with the caption of "Painting"
Sculpture of arty the bird on a polaroid with the caption "Sculpture"
Two rock paintings of bunnies with the caption "Rock Painting"
The sandbox signage with a caption of "Signage"
Peggy talking to a child at the Sun Art Fair with a caption of "Expression"
Peggy laying on a couch with Cali Sketching, rock painting and flower sketch overlayed.
Peggy laying on a couch with Cali Sketching, rock painting and flower sketch overlayed.

From inspiration to creation

Opening eyes and seeing possibility

Peggy is always creating. Whether it be starting a new midday sketch, playing around with new materials, or working on a commissioned project, she is always imagining new ways of bringing life to art.

Polaroid image of Peggy walking down the beach.