a love of art began with Harvey…

Harvey was Peggy’s first life-sized sculpture, a railroad conductor that was created for the New Canaan Garden Club. Peggy’s willingness to learn and challenge herself with a new type of project and medium made Harvey incredibly challenging… and unique!

Peggy collaborated with her father, a talented woodworker, to create a sturdy structure for the sculpture. She honored the heartwarming experience of working with her dad by adding a red velvet heart inside the finished piece.

Since then, a heart has been a part of all of her work, be it sculpture, drawings, or paintings, as a reminder that art is supposed to make you feel good, and is an expression of the joy of life.

White wood sign that reads: "explore artwork below."
Women of whimsy drawing.
Paolo and Enza watercolor painting on a polaroid, with the caption of "Painting"
Sculpture of arty the bird on a polaroid with the caption "Sculpture"
Two rock paintings of bunnies with the caption "Rock Painting"
The sandbox signage with a caption of "Signage"
Peggy talking to a child at the Sun Art Fair with a caption of "Expression"
Polaroid image group of Peggy working at her desk with a caption of: "Where magic happens" and Peggy working on a new rock painting at her work station with a caption of: "A new friend!"

always creating

Unconventional art and experimentation 

Peggy is constantly exploring and experimenting as she discovers new ways to see and create. She uses a variety of materials in her work: sea glass, string, chicken wire, or random materials found around the house, neighborhood, and beach. Unexpected objects and ideas are often the inspiration for the artistic explorations that find their way into the resulting art.